Precise Sewer Line Camera Inspection & Chemical Grouting

Find and repair leaks quickly with sewer line camera inspection and chemical grouting services from our company in Belford, New Jersey. With our less intrusive leak detection techniques, Oswald Enterprises Inc. solves your issue in a less expensive manner.

Sewer Line Computer Monitoring - Sewer Line Camera Inspection

TV Inspections

This method of inspection is unsurpassed for live viewing of your sewer lines' exact condition. It allows you to watch as breaks, dips, leaks, cracks, joint separations, illegal connections, and foreign objects appear in perfect focus on our screen.

Since there's no digging, there's no disruption of service or any related extra costs. Your TV inspections come with a computer-generated report along with CD or DVD copies.

Chemical Grouting

After the TV Inspection, when all leaks are located, the technician in charge of the grouting operation centers the packer over the leak and inflates the bladder ends. This isolates the leak and releases a three-part chemical grout.

The chemical grout gels on contact, forming a watertight and permanent seal at the former point of infiltration. Then, it fills the void outside the pipe and stabilizes the soil, too. After this process, the defect can be air tested to ensure proper sealing. Chemical grouting is designed to last for years. 

Air Testing

During the television inspection, if the infiltration is not visible on the television screen, each joint may be air tested individual. Air testing of the entire pipe section between manholes may also be performed.A routine air test is performed to determine the integrity of the pipeline. A mandrel test is performed next to test for deflection.

Mandrel Testing
- A mandrel test is performed next. This service consists of pulling a cylindrical device, usually 5 or 7.5 percent smaller than the inside diameter of the pipe.
Pipe Re-Rounding - When a PVC pipe fails a mandrel test, re-rounding can be performed without costly excavation.
Smoke Testing - This is an efficient and economical preliminary method of determining cross connections and infiltration.
Lateral Inspection & Sealing - We use TV inspection or a Lateral Inspection System (LIS) to find defects, which we seal with chemical grout if necessary.
Cured in Place Repair - If during the TV Inspection a fracture stress induced crack or other un-groutable defect is located, we correct it with cured in place
spot repair.

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