Cost-Saving Manhole Rehabilitation

Solve your system's infiltration and inflow problems with manhole rehabilitation from Oswald Enterprises Inc. in Belford, New Jersey. We do the work that improves the efficiency of your aging sewer infrastructure.

Vacuum Truck - Manhole Rehabilitation

Strong Seal

We are the only New Jersey-licensed applicator for Strong Seal® Systems, the leader in manhole rehabilitation technology. Strong Seal is a reinforced concrete premix, which is mixed, pumped, and spray applied in a monolithic operation to repair the walls and benches of brick, tile, and concrete manholes.

Replacement Alternative

When manholes have become badly deteriorated due to high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gases, the ultimate solution, instead of replacement, is Strong Seal Rehabilitation. Strong Seal is a proven product that is impervious to all gases and most chemicals.

Rehab Process

The process is simple, starting with high pressure washing and/or sandblasting. The point of infiltration, if present, is addressed by application of the Strong Seal Plug®. If the infiltration is persistent, drilling and applying chemical grout may be necessary.

Once the sealing process has taken place, a leveling course of Strong QSR patching material® is hand applied. The final step is the spray application of a half-inch to one inch of Strong Seal MS-2C® or High Performance Mix® is applied, troweled, and brushed, leaving the entire inside of the manhole in a "better than new" condition.

Vacuum Testing

Vacuum testing of manholes is a very simple but effective test, achieved by plugging off all pipelines, installing the inflatable sealing ring, starting the vacuum pump, and drawing a vacuum of 10 inches of Mercury [Hg]. If the Mercury holds for one minute, the manhole passes the test. If the manhole fails, the leaks are located, repaired, and re-tested.

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