Comprehensive Sewer Service

Vacuum Truck - Sewer Service
Sewer Line Camera  - Sewer Service
Vacuum Truck Cleaning Manhole - Sewer Service


The ideal way to prevent sewer problems before they start is with pipeline testing and cleaning from Oswald Enterprises Inc.

Sewer Lines   

Save on the cost of service and identify issues quickly with non-invasive sewer line camera inspection and corrective chemical grouting.


Instead of replacing old and worn manholes, improve their flow mechanism with manhole rehabilitation from our company.

Serving all of NJ, NY, Eastern PA, MD & Delaware

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Who We Are

Maintain the effectiveness of your sewer system infrastructure with sewer service from our company in Belford, New Jersey. Oswald Enterprises Inc. is one of the largest and most recognized professional sewer maintenance companies in the Northeast. With more than 50 years of experience, our very well-trained technicians use high-quality products and never cut corners. Oswald Enterprises Inc. has earned a reputation as being one of the best by making sure we get the job done right. All of our employees have safety training, as well as driver safety training, and our TV operators are PACP certified.

Request an estimate from our company for rates that fit your maintenance and repair budget.